Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day-of-Love vs. Day-of-Chocolates

       It's Valentine's Day. Love is in the air...  or at least the smell of roses and candy. Today is the day, thousands will overdose on cheap chocolates; school children will stuff handmade mailboxes with perforated cards of Spiderman and Hello Kitty; junior high girls will receive pink stuffed animals from squeaky voiced boys as tokens of their affection;  husbands will dash into a store last minute to grab one of the remaining glittery cards with a squirrel holding a heart and a pre-wrapped assortment of flowers; wives waiting anxiously for that moment he comes home, hoping it will be a sweet evening of romance and dinner.  What a weird day!  I have heard people rant and rave about the marketing that has overtaken Valentine's Day.  I do not loath this day as some have chosen, nor do I wait with bated breath for its arrival.  I can't be anti-day-of-love!  Come on!  But, it is true that we have to easily exchanged what should be expressions for love for each other with a box of Wilcox candies.
       No one likes a cheap imitation of love.  So on this day, let us love well. Maybe read 1 Corinthians 13 if you haven't read it in a while.  It's lovely.  And inspiring!  There was a shirt I saw the other day that had a question on the back that gave me pause...
What does love make you do?  
      Today, whether it is to our spouse, our siblings, our children, our parents, or someone we are just getting to know... Let's show genuine, real love.  It's much more expensive than that box of chocolates...and sweeter to the recipient!  


  1. We read that chapter many times in Sunday School when I taught lessons on dating. I don't think young people especially realize love is defined for us! Good idea, read it at least each Valentines day!

  2. what a fantastic question....and one to ponder....we should all take the time to focus more on love...real, pure, unadulterated LOVE---can you imagine how fantastic the world would be?