Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grace... A Child's Perpective

WHAT IS GRACE?  Once again, I asked some parents to ask their children this question.  Here are their answers.
GRACE IS... have forgiveness
...something we do not deserve but it is given to us anyway's kinda like mercy, I think. Dad gives me mercy.  He gives me good things I     don't deserve, like M&M's, but not the whole bag. means you get another chance!
...She is a "SHE" (clearly referring, of course, to her cousin who is named      Grace.)
...praise? something about God?  a gift of God?
...embrace? trust? God's Word?  Holy?  Gladness? (answered with question             marks since that's the way mom said they answered.)
...listening to God's getting something you don't deserve.  Life and breath especially.  Every           breath is a gift from God. can't earn it

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.
What is it about the song, Amazing Grace, that makes us love it so much?

We love a story where the hero sweeps in and saves the helpless underdog.  A few movies come to mind as I type this... Rudy, Ever After, Remember the Titans, Forrest Gump, Cinderella, Blind Side, Chariots of Fire.  Captivating our hearts are the history lessons that teach us that battles can be won even when the odds are stacked against the little guy.  Look at Gideon and his 300 men, David and Goliath, The Revolutionary War, D-Day on Omaha Beach.  I think they resonate with us because we need to be rescued and we need hope, and deep down we know it.  And long for it.  We ARE the little guy.  We are the ones in need of saving grace.  And the hero, Jesus, says to us, "I love you so much!  I've come for you!  You are precious to me!  My life for yours...take my gift."  Grace.

 It's receiving lavish love, even though the math just doesn't add up.  I've tried to fire the accountant in my head so that I, too, can pour our God's riches on others and do it out of selfless love.  Grace is amazing!

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