Sunday, November 4, 2012

Who's in Charge Here?

Who tells you what to do?  Do you let anyone boss you around?

And honestly, who do I want telling me what to do?

The answer:   Uhm... nobody!!!

My human nature says, "You're not my boss!"  (Actually, I think my brother Matt and I used to say those very words when we'd fight with each other as kids.) What I was actually saying was "I'm my own boss, so quit telling me what to do!"  But this quandary of who lords over us is excruciatingly important.  It's not just an issue that arguing children deal with.  We grapple with this everyday as adults.  Who is in charge of us?

We are in the middle of voting for a President this week so I thought it was the perfect time to reflect on who's in charge of my life.  Who is my leader?  Who has ruling authority? Am I going to consent to let someone be master over me? Do I still silently say "No one is my boss but me so don't tell me what to do!"

Voting appeals to us because it gives us power.  Power to choose our leaders.  We look at names listed on a page or screen and put a decisive check mark that weighs our voice among fellow countrymen.  I am very patriotic and am so proud to be an American.  I love my country and am overwhelmed with thankfulness for the freedom I have!  We will find out in a few days who the President will be for the next four years.  I'll admit it... I get excited every election!

But there stands a greater decision at stake than "who is your choice for President?"  It's this:

Who is your King? 

No polling booth.  No voter registration.  No ballot with names waiting to be checked.  But the question stands and the answer you choose will last longer than a four year term.  Who is in charge of your life?  God? Or you?  There are only those two choices. Since human nature is to be independent and stubborn, we do not easily give up the throne to our lives.  As self-appointed kings, we like to make our own decrees and rules.  But that goes against everything Jesus taught.  We must lose our life to gain it.  We are called to surrender.  Yield. We'd rather vote than kneel!   But he's a good King.  He's true.  He's just.  He's not a candidate, a contender or a wannabe.  He just... IS!  Yes, He is the Great I Am.

Guess it seems like food for thought to remember that leaders have come and gone, empires have risen and fallen, but there is a King in this universe who has remained in power and "is the same yesterday, today and forever" and "all authority in heaven and on earth are given to him."

As stubborn and independent as I am, I've never regretted giving away my heart to Him.  I still wrestle with what I want versus yielding to what God wants some days, but He is my King and I love him with all my heart and I will follow him all the days of my life!