Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I'm Learning from Dirt

Watering dirt is boring. I decided this a while back when I first planted seeds in my greenhouse.
Daryl so kindly ventured into building a greenhouse for this gardener-want-to-be.  We spent months gathering repurposed wood and materials from the family farm. Now completely built, I affectionately call it "my oasis in the backyard." Though I am still learning how to NOT kill plants, I'm thrilled to have started my garden!

Once my seeds were sown, my eagerness became impatience as I really, REALLY wanted to see signs of life. Instead, I found myself daily watering...dirt. Honestly, it was kind of boring at first.  But eventually, I began to see tiny specks of vivid green emerge from under the soil.  Yay!

My very own greenhouse, thanks to a super
awesome husband.
Planting a garden has become a spiritual experience for me. The miracle that unfolds when a dry, dead seed comes to life is nothing less than amazing. As life springs forth in my back yard soil, it also springs up new life in my soul as I think about the way God has taken such an empty shell as myself and filled me up with the miracle of His life.

How patient the True Life Gardener is! As I spent the first weeks watering my dirt with no evidence of life, I began to appreciate how often my God-Gardener must do this with me. He's faithfully given me all that I need in order to grow, but probably spends a substantial amount of time watering my "dirt", waiting for the perfect moment for growth to spring up. He already knows that the miraculous changes that will take place are all His doing. He hasn't rushed me nor has He neglected. He's always known that miraculous growth takes time. I'm so thankful for His patience!

The bible has a lot to say about seeds, soil and farming. There's the Parable of the Sower and the verses about faith the size of a mustard seed and many others. As I watch my garden grow into full (hopefully productive) plants, I'm seeing with my very eyes what God was trying to tell me through His Word. My pretty little plants are revealing truths that have been just, well... stories. But I'm learning that the seed, and the DIRT, have a lot to teach me about my Savior. Lord, thank you for the beauty in dirt, seeds and gardens! And thank you for the life you've miraculously grown in me. Who knew one could learn so much while watering dirt?!

"So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow."  I Cor. 3:7

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