Thursday, April 12, 2012

The ShamWow! Shirt...a Stroke of Brilliance

Life's messy.  Clean it up!  Bissel used this slogan to try to entice me buy their little green machine.   It didn't work.  But... I have hijacked this phrase for my own personal use.  For example, when my kids have left their mess on the counter after making lunch, I say to them, "Life's messy.  Clean it up!"  The act of making the mess is not the issue.  It's who they think should clean up the mess that gets me.  A child's slogan would be more like, "Life's messy.  Mom will clean it up!"

If this is actually true, I mean, that moms should be the "insti-cleaners" for the messers around them, then I'm going to make a fortune off of my brilliant new invention... (*drum roll please*)  Wait for it...

ShamWow! Shirt for Moms

Think about it... if us Moms had shirts made out of ShamWow material, we could just dive right on top of that spill before it absorbs into the carpet.  And that's not all!!!  If the baby urps up on your clothes, there is no need to change, because the ShamWow shirt instantaniously blots up the mess with no effort.  BUT WAIT!  If you'd order one of these RIGHT NOW, I'll include the ShamWow sweatpants to match for those times you're just too busy for that bathroom break!  ShamWow can do all this for you and more!  I'm going to make a bucket load of money off this idea!

Maybe not. 

After chuckling to myself the other day as I was thinking about my crazy ShamWow shirt idea, I got to thinking... God often lays his grace down right over my "mess" and lovingly, cleans up after me.  My life is messy.  It needs cleaned up.  Just like a child, I often leave a wake of clutter throughout my day, and don't even see it.  A careless word misspoken here.  A lack of discipline there.  A spill of harshness here.  The debris of judgement there.  Yet, God's grace can do something I can not do for myself.  Clean up my mess.  It seems to "soak up" more than I could've ever imagined it could.  His grace is truly astonishing!  More miraculous than any silly ShamWow, God's amazing grace wipes my heart clean of all stains, seen and unseen.  Incredible as it may be, a spill, a spilling of blood, is what it took to start the cleansing process.  Spills don't ever "make" anything clean...except this once.  This once upon a cross. 

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