Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Disease to Please

Seems that we are always looking for the cure for diseases.  Cancer.  AIDS.  MS.  It's wonderful when we can learn ways to inoculate ourselves and thwart the diseases from attacking.  Look at what has happened to Polio, Small Pox, and Measles thanks to these practices.  I wonder if anyone is doing any research on the the Disease to Please.  I would like to start a Relay-for-Life-type event to raise funds for this disease.  Maybe we could open a lab to do intense studies and ask for human test subjects who are desperate to find the cure.  I think many of us suffer from this disease - some do not even realize it.

Signs you may suffer from the Disease to Please:
1.  The word "No" is not in your vocabulary
2.  You often think to yourself, "What will people think..."
3.  You have all the "they say" phrases memorized
4.  Heart practically beats out of your chest if you think someone is mad at you
5.  You replay conversations over and over in your head, hoping you said the
      right thing
6.  Will break your back to go overboard to please everyone
7.  You're addicted to getting the approval of others - it's your temporary
      pain killer which lasts 4 to 6 hours before needing to take the next dose
8.  You privately complain about feeling like a doormat
9.  You've been accused of being a "people pleaser" by those around you
10. You just never feel like you are good enough to measure up

If you find that you have three or more of these symptoms, see your Savior.  He is the cure for this disease.  Visiting him daily, listening to his affectionate words, will ease the disease from flaring up.  Sometimes symptoms will still temporarily persist when someone criticizes something about you, but see Jesus as needed and he will remind you of your new life, your disease-free life, and the Balm of His Love will help symptoms to subside once again.  Use this method until your death, since the disease is not completely eradicated until seeing the Great Physician, face to face.

Upon receiving Jesus' immunization for "people pleasing" you may experience some side effects.  Side effects may include:
1.  Hearing the words "I need to think about that before saying 'yes'" come
     from your lips
2.  You will wonder less about what people think
3.  "They sayers" will be virtually unheard any longer
4.  Your heart will be more at peace and blood pressure will drop
5.  Sleep will not evade you since you no longer play conversations over in
     your head at bedtime.  Peace will be one of your strongest side-effects.
6.  Pain from breaking your back will subside significantly
7.  Your addiction to people pleasing will be replaced with a strong, healthy
      desire to please your Heavenly Father
8.  The word DOORMAT will not be associated with you, but instead, will refer
      to the scratchy WELCOME rug outside your front door
9.  You will be accused of being a "peaceful person"
10. No need to try to measure up since you know you are already adopted
      by God and He loves you very much - no striving necessary!

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